Favourite Things

World’s first A.I. ballet

This season, the Leipzig Ballet at Oper Leipzig presented Fusion, a multidisciplinary ballet production that pushed the boundaries of art and technology.



On Lizard Peninsula

A historic maritime home, the Signal Station is the most southerly self-catering home in Cornwall where chic, understated charm perfectly complements the ever-changing horizon.



Above the clouds

This whimsical floating residence designed for an art collector draws inspiration from Antti Lovag. Instilled with a profound sense of liberation and joy with a touch of science fiction it has breathtaking views of a vast mountain landscape and an enchanting sense of suspension. 



At Badminton

Dhaliwal’s large-scale mixed-media work is a juxtaposition and fragmentation of images and symbols.



Hand-blown Murano glass

Inspired by antique oil lamps with an onyx base in two shapes, one  curvy like a droplet, the other cylindrical like an incense stick.



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Become a food waste warrior

Every year, we throw away 1.3 billion tons of edible food. If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest one with additional impacts being wasted energy, water and land used to produce the food as well

The story of Eagle’s Nest

Set within a nature reserve with spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding land-scape, this eco-cabin near Cape Town is an enviable family retreat. By Robyn Alexander Perched on the spectacular slopes of Klein Hangklip mountain, just over an hour’s journey

I like shiny things

Crush on glossy? You’re not the only one with a taste for a little glitter and gold. Look around and one can’t help but notice a world full of over-the-top bling. Glittering diamonds, sequined evening wear, cosmic glamour and fancy

The art of indulgence

Located in the picturesque Eastern Townships of the province of Quebec, Manoir Hovey is a five-star estate set on the shores of scenic Lake Massawippi. With 30 acres of birch forests and English garden, the sprawling southern-styled property offers distinguished

Laurentides to Outaouais 

Laurentides… Sharing lake and forest moments second to none that are bound to conquer the heart of even the most fervent of city dwellers, the Laurentians cover a region that is 22,000 kms just north of Montreal. It’s a four

The finer points of owning a residence at sea

One of the most interesting, and perhaps most sought-after lifestyles has become reality for some 165 residence owners on the world’s largest private yacht, The World. Travelling to the most storied and untamed parts of the globe, life onboard The