HF Spa Diaries

Chilling on Irish moss

Celebrity trends often catch on quickly so it’s no surprise that spa barista’s have started infusing smoothies with sea moss—a species of red algae found in ocean waters. Fruit is added to help mask the not so charming oceanic, musty smell. In gummie form or as a spoonful once or twice a day moss is said to have benefits ranging from weight loss to horniness.

Irish moss is on the salad menu in Hawaii and in agar, a gelatin substitute used in Filipino cooking and vegan desserts. It’s also touted as an aphrodisiac in a special-occasion beverage in the Caribbean. 

Heads up because consuming too much sea moss gel could increase the risk of iodine toxicity particularly surrounding pregnancy and breastfeeding and, as oceans are heavily polluted, watch out for the high levels of mercury, lead, and cadmium, along with industrial chemicals found in algae.”

Long COVID recovery on Ischia

Italy’s Regina Isabella resort, once a favourite of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, has recently expanded its thermal spa program to include inflammation reducing treatments that target persistent long COVID symptoms. Utilizing a team of medical professionals, the program combines the use of the healing waters to promote the production of cytokines and with a well-rounded regimen of stress, diet and gastrointestinal interventions. 

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Hiding out at number 8

At the tip of a quiet garden square in Mayfair we’ve found a privately owned gem of a hotel with fifty fine rooms and an enviable collection of individually styled suites and studios including ROOM by Antony Gormley.

Liquid assets goes playful

Wrap them up kid-friendly and fun, these super-soft bath towels with cute animal hoods capture a child’s imagination.

As you like it…

In a setting of six and a half acres of tranquil, manicured grounds just steps across the lawn from the renowned Stratford Festival theatre and the historic town, The Bruce, owned by Jennifer Birmingham is a lovely local surprise.

The meandering epicurist

Gran Cru Deli A sip of Equinoxe Crozes-Hermitage, startled me with its atypical acidity, savoury notes of olive set off by white pepper. A lovely, quirky, unexpected find. Much like Grand Cru Deli where I tasted this intriguing wine with

Embracing the stillness

Seeing A-listers and TIFF attendees chilling at this go-to-spa during the film festival is almost guaranteed, Stillwater Spa is just the ticket.

Favourite Things

Weisman’s two-seater electric roadster’s backwards looking design and futuristic power train is expected by 2024 in Europe.