Liquid Assets

Slim and elegant
Designed by Barber Osgerby, this penthouse concept is called Skyline.

Comfy, cozy self-care

Taking care of yourself is more important than ever in today’s busy world. Take a deep breath and choose not to sweat the small stuff in your personal sanctuary.

5 tips to get the feel
1) Silence your phone.
2) Order in deliver direct, sit back and enjoy.
3) Wake up 15 minutes earlier to calmly welcome your day.
4) Just say no (as politely as you can).
5) Remember your time is your own.

Eye cream for an Empress
This dreamy, amethyst-hued cream will immediately melt into the delicate contour of the eye area, while powerfully restoring luminosity and firmness.

Healing homeopathy
Harvest a natural world of plant remedies for a plethora of common ailments—and dermatologic disorders.

A sense of style
Add a touch of seduction to your fashion accessories with this porcelain inspired scarf.

Woody scent
Evoking the fresh verdant aroma of the leafy climbing vine. This candle reveals floral notes when lit.

No more hot air
With temperature control technology added to the cotton cover and height adjustability, this pillow provides instant coolness to the touch, and draws away excess heat. Think of it as a sort of pillow thermostat!

Small batch
Made in Canada of cold pressed berries. Tewín’xwis one of the Squamish words for berry.

Recovery support
Ideal for athletes on the run, these gummies in cherry and citrus are ideal for post-exercise support.

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Away from everyday life at Montreal’s secret spa

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Field Notes

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Wild Blue Restaurant+Bar

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Liquid Assets

Utopian dream Make it vibrantly yours with style and personality that’s bold but Comfy, cozy self-care Taking care of yourself is more important than ever in today’s busy world. Take a deep breath and choose not to sweat the


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