Liquid Assets comes back inside

Focal point
This hammered copper Usk sits in front of a focal wall to add impact and charm.

5 Tips to get the Look:

1) Pick bath oils and fragrances to match your mood.
2) Use cozy throw rugs and carpets to add warmth.
3) Think save the planet with natural and environmentally friendly choices.
4) Revamp your storage  spaces.
5) Don’t keep things you don’t need. 

Floors with class
A surreal collection of carpets that can magically blend into any environment.

Singing the blues
This striking decorative pillow features a stunning stylised tree intricately embroidered onto a cotton/linen digitally printed background. It reverses to a layered leaf pattern in azure blue.

Light blocker
A top-notch sleep mask that offers the ultimate comfort and performance.

Italian shimmer
Giving your skin a luminous warm glow, this highlighter is gluten free and vegan.

Wild Poppy
From bud to blossom this spirited eau de parfum captures the evolution of the poppy flower with hints of Himalayan jasmine with the luscious aromas of pear, raspberry and apricot.

Rhinestones forever
Crystal cut appliqués in tones of pink add dazzle to this insulated stainless water bottle. 

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