Liquid Assets. Get ready to cozy up

Greek goddess
Home comforts are given a modern feel with this sleek space boasting the La Greca print. The soft and comfy cotton bathrobe add to the indulgent feel.


5 Tips to get the look:

1) Cuddle up with soft cashmere blankets
2) Stock up on scented candles
3) Bring out thick and thirsty winter robes
4) Lay down fluffy bathmats
5) Accessories with warmer colours.



Choosing exuberance
With each new fashion and jewellery collection Christian Lacroix shares an unexpected mix of materials and colours and a revival of historical and theatrical registers, always with elegance and mastery.


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3
Target wrinkles with a scientifically advanced, anti-ageing system that’s powered by LED technology to stimulate cells to undergo self-repair.


Rouge Dior
The emblematic couture houndstooth motif dresses the case and the stick of the lipstick. The New Look limited edition is refillable. Once your lipstick is finished, replace it with the Rouge Dior refill of your choice.


Spice up your life
In delicious gummy form, this all-natural blend is said to enhance sexual arousal, stimulation and pleasure.


Not for blondes
The special blue pigments within the new milkshake cold brunette range counteract the red/orange tones in brown hair and remove unwanted warm tones.


At home skincare
Get the most out of your skincare regime with this little device that delivers active ingredients deep into your skin.


Jazz it up
Born as a tribute to 20th century jazz saxophonist Gerry Mulligan, this delightful cabinet exudes a warm and classic aesthetic that personifies his intimate personality.


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