Liquid Assets Gets Fresh

Functional and flexible
Custom-design is taken to a new level with new technology and production flexibility that can meet any space and style.

5 Ways to get the look

1) Open up drapes and windows to let nature in.
2) Decorate with natural fabrics.
3) Mix wood and stone.
4) Choose driftwood and eucalyptus as accents.
5) Switch up artwork and towels just for fun.


Happy hamper
From Nike Karlsson’s comes a good-for-the-planet, eco-friendly, bamboo laundry hamper.


Silky soft
A refreshing natural cleanser for the face, fingers, toes and everywhere in between. Like a walk through a coastal forest in the rain.


This non-greasy, fragrance free moisturizer treats wrinkles, while nourishing the skin. It dries matte, hydrating the skin without leaving behind an oily finish. 


The great outdoors
Time together in nature makes romantic cottage weekends even better.


Ibiza mirror
An eye-catching wall mirror in a perfect hanging frame. Inspired by the raw and timeless textures of the tribes’ decorations, jewels, and artistic elements.

Flash melting
A cleansing balm that rapidly dissolves long-wear makeup, water- resistant sunscreens, and oils while hydrating.


Filtration at your fingertips
A revolutionary portable nano-zero water filtration system delivers a seamless, low-pressure drinking experience. Simply fill, flip and sip.


Tasteful trash
Chic vertical and horizontal lines cement the graphic  design on this light grey decorative wastecan.


Smarter than…
The upgraded Sensitive Skin is the world’s first smart facial cleanser and firming massager.



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