Bella Cucina says bon appétit!

Break the rules  
A chance to experiment in the kitchen. Modular design provides the opportunity to play with colour and layout—the possibilities are endless.


5 Tips to get the look:

1) Be creative, tasteful and imaginative.
2) Set beautiful breakfast and lunch tables.
3) Bring out the fine china for any meal.
4) Play with fresh flowers, plants and herbs. 
5) Let lighting set the mood at any time of day.



Sweet infusion
It’s never a bad idea to try to strengthen your immune system. Swap out your daily regular water for great-tasting fruit infused water.


Let them eat cake
Decorated in soft green and a gold filigree design, this English bone china cake stand is perfect for celebrations.


License to grill
Create flavourful dishes with easy cleanup, a winning combination!


Experiment in the kitchen  
Mix and match to your heart’s content. Features and configurations galore mean limitless design choices and a kitchen that demands to be used and enjoyed.


Eat, drink and be cherry
Add this syrup made from pure Michigan Balaton Cherries to cocktails, ice cream, pancakes, or smoothies for a delightful twist.


Ready made in minutes
A convenient, smart food maker designed to quickly handle every step of food prepping and clean.


Salt n’ Pepper
Reuse and refill these beautiful glass jars with fragrant chilli salt, pink Himalayan salt, white salt or whole peppercorns.


One-pot wonder
Almost replaces an entire kitchen. Prepare all of your homemade favourites with the turn of a dial.


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Bella Cucina

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