Bella Cucina takes it up a notch

Majestically done
With endless design possibilities to suit any taste and space demands, Störmer has earned itself a solid reputation not only in Germany, but around the globe for custom high-quality engineered kitchens.

5 Tips to Get The Look:
1) Think location, location, location.
2) Tell yourself mood matters.
3) Re-write your colour playbook.
4) Give everyone plenty of elbowroom.
5) It’s all about storage.

Eclectic ceramics
Handmade by artisans along South Africa’s Garden Route, each piece passes through 14 pairs of hands before it’s ready.

Let them eat cake
The founder of Estelle Colored Glass has named their collection in honour of her grandmother, Estelle, who she describes as “a jewel of a person that instilled in me an appreciation of the pastime of  treasure hunting for beautiful finds—especially for the kitchen.”Here… the latest cake.

Conversation starters
Originally designed in the 19th century, each iconic fish celebrates Portuguese culture & gastronomy.

Ditch the chemicals
Caraway’s ceramic-coated cookware has everything you need for healthy cooking and looking good while doing it.

Thyme to grind
Decorated with a porcelain knob and oiled oak, this adjustable grinder gets you just the right amount.

Let there be steak
Slice cleanly through any type of meat with steak knives made from German steel and handles of exotic imported hardwoods.

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Bella Cucina loves summertime

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