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By Mark Eglington

A peacock fluffs his feathers and a lion flaunts his mane, so why not hold your head high and take credit where credit is due when it comes to showing off your latest kitchen renovation. After all, the collection of European appliances you’ve chosen is nothing short of spectacular. 

Well-designed, practical and King of the Castle worthy when it comes to entertaining, your new top-drawer collection is also family-friendly and panders to your eco-ethos with above grade energy efficiency ratings. Most exciting though are some of the unique applications that, unless you point them out, may go unnoticed in the excitement of your big reno reveal.  

Cooking for kids
Bet your older siblings didn’t realize that today’s mums and dads have found the secret to easier baby food prep: The Galley workstation. It lets you chop, strain and mix easily and ergonomically before transitioning to using your nearby induction cooktop. Containing prep mess and washing baby bottles in the Galley WashStation is a clean sweep.    

When friends come over with their little ones, your Galley’s various serving boards conveniently transform your prep space into a safe and simple serving station. Setting out drinks and hors d’oeuvres for the adults and milk and cookies for the kids is simple.

We’ve heard of dog wash stations in mud rooms or back door areas. Yet, how clever and convenient that you’ve opted to add an extra Gorenje washer and dryer in your kitchen side island close to the entranceway. Whether it’s to wash Rover’s foot rags or dry children’s bathing suits and towels, mittens and snow pants, this laundry pair is worth a shout out during show-and-tell.

Power tower
Talk about well-designed. No one will miss an opportunity to comment on your sleek, seamless tower of stainless AEG appliances. Who’d have guessed, after all, that your designer would plan to built-in an automatic espresso machine, combo steam oven and warming drawer as well as an 18-bottle fridge. 

There’s always more to discover about your new appliances and no doubt you’ll  be patting yourself on the back for years to come. Upgrading your kitchen is indeed one of the best investments you could have made… even the Jones’s will agree.

For over 15 years, Mark Eglington has been passionate about European-manufactured best-in-class appliances. By day, he is the President of Canadian-owned Euro-Line Appliances; by night he’s perfecting his cooking skills.

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