The Best Meals Start With Fresh Food….

The quality of your ingredients is the key to a memorable meal and it starts with the very best in refrigeration.

Cleverly designed features, impressive energy efficiency and a modern, fully integrated aesthetic brings a new generation of best-in-class  refrigerators – the ultimate in cooling solutions for your family.

Hidden behind the kitchen panels, a Liebherr remains undiscovered at first sight and allows your kitchen design to take centre stage. But once opened, it’s clear: There is something very special hidden behind the door. Traditional and timeless on the one hand, elegant and exclusive on the other.

The design of the fully integrated refrigerators Liebherr appliances showcases an impressively independent aesthetic with glass and stainless-steel elements with the new generation of smart appliances with plenty of options.  The offering is divided into four different bottom-mount fridge-freezer models:.

1) Pure Series: The Pure series is Liebherr’s starting class. Simple, clear, and perfectly equipped for all essential needs. Appliances in the Pure Series are stripped down to the essentials. But are to the absolute highest level of Liebherr quality.

2) Plus Series: Plus more convenience. The plus series builds on Liebherr’s Pure Series and has many impressive additional details. The appliances not only provide first-class refrigerating and freezing performance, but they are also just that little bit smarter and help make many tasks a little easier.

3) Prime Series: With the Prime Series things get much more elegant. It features an unmistakable, high-quality design and materials. The interior of the appliances primarily uses genuine materials, such as stainless steel. Special lighting features also ensure that appliances in this series have a captivating appearance.

4) Peak Series: For those who want to have it all. The Peak series is Liebherr’s top-of-the-line series. This combines the best with the best. There is no compromise. Innovative Liebherr technology meets exceptional high-end design and convenience in a class of its own. Appliances in this series are for those who want to have it all.

The high-precision workmanship completes the aesthetic overall appearance of the appliances – the perfect combination of presentation and food preservation. Every element is well-thought-out in its functionality and supports a high level of convenience.

Quiet functionality makes the new appliances barely perceptible, and attractive for an open-plan kitchen and living areas. The precise machining, an eye for detail, and the harmonious combination of materials, shapes, and colors create an appealing overall appearance. For users every time they open the refrigerator, it is a pleasant experience.

More freshness than ever before

Thanks to the multitude of new and enhanced features, Liebherr’s fully integrated appliances are true all-rounders that not only reliably keep food fresh and crispy but also offer more convenience in everyday life. At the same time, they are economical and sustainable.  Features included in Liebherr’s new series include even more freshness:

BioFresh Professional: An enhanced version of BioFresh, offers a wider temperature range keeping food fresher, longer. Through customized temperature selection, specially designed for delicate items like fish and seafood.

The IceMaker: It produces up to 130 ice cubes a day. This is an ample amount of ice for cocktails and successful garden parties.

HydroBreeze: Creates a cool mist each time the door is opened to coat vegetables with a layer of protection, similar to your favorite local grocery store.

VarioTemp: Allows the freezer compartment to be converted to refrigeration, increasing capacity as needed, offering a wide temperature range from 28°F to 57°F, creating the ideal climate for preserving a range of items from seafood to root vegetables such as potatoes.

InfinitySpring: A water fountain in your kitchen.  A source of fresh, drip free cool drinking water for your family

OpenStage Drawers: Now there’s a clear view of everything!  With different transparent drawer heights it’s easy to store different sizes items

LightTower: Enjoy an optimally illuminated interior positioned so your entire fridge is illuminated at all times

SmartSteel rear wall: This gives your Liebherr a stylish look and feel that’s food-safe and hygienic. What’s more, SmartSteel also reduces the visibility of fingerprints.

The quality of your ingredients is key to a memorable meal, and it all starts with proper, refrigeration. High-quality foods play a key role in good cooking, while the refrigerator holds an important place as the central storage location.

Visit or to learn more about Liebherr’s full product line of freestanding, built-in, and fully integrated refrigerators and freezers, wine storage units.


About Liebherr:

Driven by innovation and characterized by sophisticated, elegant design, the family-owned and German-based Liebherr Appliances brings the best of European cooling to Canada With more than 60 years of expertise in premium refrigeration, Liebherr Appliances combines quality, design, and innovation to offer high-end refrigeration solutions for the modern home or business.

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