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Where are the male sea turtles?

Nearly every sea turtle born on the beaches of Florida in the past four years has been female, according to scientists. The spike in female baby turtles comes as a result of intense heat waves triggered by a growing climate crisis that is significantly warming up the sands on some beaches. 

According to the National Ocean Service, if a turtle’s eggs incubate below 27C (82F), the turtle hatchlings will be male. If the eggs incubate above 31C (89F), the hatchlings will be female. Temperatures that waver between the two extremes will result in a mix. Researchers also discovered that the warmer the sand, the higher the female ratio.

“As the Earth experienced climate change, increased temperatures could result in skewed and even lethal incubation conditions, which would impact turtle species and other reptiles,” the National Ocean Service said.

Bette Zirkelbach, manager of the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida Keys, says: “The frightening thing is the last four summers in Florida have been the hottest summers on record.”

The uneven male-to-female ratio is a growing concern among scientists who worry that the sea turtle population will eventually become stunted.

Melissa Rosales Rodriguez, a sea turtle keeper at the Miami Zoo’s recently opened Sea Turtle Hospital, told Reuters, “Over the years, you’re going to see a sharp decline in their population because we just don’t have the genetic diversity.”

Source: The Guardian


The Finnish secret to happiness

Year after year, Finland tops the world Happiness Index. Possibly, this trend is because Finns enjoy simple pleasures—like clean air, pure water and walking around in the woods—to the fullest. Finnish happiness is the calm and peaceful type; it’s an appreciation for how things work and the ability to pause and admire the little things in life. Why is Finland  so happy?  

Things work well in Finland according to Visit Finland. Public services run smoothly, there are low levels of crime and corruption, and there is an earned trust between the government and the public. All of this works together to create a functioning society and a culture of looking out for everyone. 

Within the Arctic circle in Lapland, the sun stays above the horizon for up to two months—the further north you go, the longer it shines. During this time, everyone is just buzzing with energy.

And, there are 3 million saunas  for a population of just over 5 million. This deluge of saunas is the result of Finnish sauna culture—a phenomenon that has even made it onto  the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list, highlighting its value in customs and well-being. If you want to understand Finnish culture start with a sauna. For many time spent by one of the 188,000 lakes with a sauna nearby gives plenty of space for everyone to sweat out the negative.



The truth about collagen gummies

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It forms a scaffold that provides strength and structure within the body. It also gives strength and elasticity to the skin. But as we age, we produce less and less collagen, which is why so many people are turning to supplements, and, lately, gummies. Collagen gummies, however, are but a supplement. 

So what should we be doing to naturally support our collagen levels? Well, if our diet contains a variety of whole food proteins at each meal, we can consume the necessary amount of protein to create ample collagen without needed supplementation. Fabulous sources of protein sources include legumes, seeds, nuts, bone broth, organic, free-to-range eggs, pasture-raised meats, and wild fish.

Also, there are other lifestyle factors you need to focus on: consuming enough vitamin C, zinc, and copper, do not smoke, limit alcohol consumption, limit exposure to pollutants, avoid deep-fried foods and processed meats, wear sunscreen, and eliminate added sugar. If your collagen production has diminished so significantly, it may be time to look for a supplement. Collagen Gummies, however, are not the answer. Typically, these gummies are often just glorified adult candies. Better than gummies, is hydrolyzed collagen powder. It will give you all of the benefits without the need to consume an over-processed sugar cube.


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