A grand re-entrance

By Kylie MacKenzie

Back to it’s traditional splendour, Montreal’s Birks building on Phillips Street is once again a force to be reckoned with.

In 1879 Canadian entrepreneur Henri Birks founded his jewelry company and opened his first store on St. James Street in Montreal. In 1907 after a magnificent expansion to 18,000 square feet, with dazzling ornate arches and modern amenities, (such as electricity and heating), the Birks building became a local icon. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that the historic building was brought back to its original magnificence and the Hotel Birks was born.

Today, after the original building’s meticulous renovation by Jean Salette’s Les Hotels St. Martin, each intimate detail has been lovingly restored—from the ornate front doors to the intricate ceiling moldings and columns. 

Today shopping at the famous Birks jewelry store continues but there’s also a select number of timeless, yet modern, rooms and suites for a weekend away. 

Along with the grand Henri Brasserie and Bar Lounge Henri, where some of the most interesting business and personal conversations take place, the architect has added a stylish front lobby and a convenient fitness centre.

Mr. Birks would be proud!
Entertain as you please in the Montblanc Suite where you’ll find a full kitchen and a comfortable working area. Or, simply chill in your private bedroom on a custom-made king bed and leather headrest alongside a marbled bathroom with walk in glass shower and bathtub. This breathtaking suite features 743 square feet  of living space. 



Dining Chez Henri

Enjoy a slow breakfast or Sunday brunch at Henri. Our favourite: Pain Dore Brioche Henri. A delicately prepared French brioche with caramel sauce and seasonal fruit at Henri, a delicious moment to share with family and friends. The only bar lounge of its kind in the downtown core, Henri boasts an extensive wine, champagne and local spirits list. Sip oysters, grab a bite and take in the finest that Montreal has to offer. Henri Brasserie Francaise in the Birks building is located and 1240 Phillips St, between Ste. Cathereine and Cathart. 

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