A tale of two sisters

Long established and now part of the venerable Belmond portfolio, these sweet sisters, La Samanna and Cap Juluca, share the iconic island vibe and an endearing commitment to top-notch service and comfortable island-style fine dining.


St. Martin, La Samanna
Newly re-designed, Belmond La Samanna has the history and charm of a grand Caribbean residence. With spacious villas and well-appointed suites, panoramic sunning terraces or garden walkouts boasting magnificent Baie Longue views, it’s the most exquisite of boutique getaways. 

Lulled into contentment poolside with mojitos in hand, the only reason to move is to indulge in head-to-toe French style chilling at the spa. Or, should it be time to dine, a much-loved collection of restaurant and bar options make this the most romantic of boutique getaways.

Feast, chill, shop or take in a variety of warm sea watersports and delight in the art de vivre of the French West Indies where everything spells paradise—It’s just as the doctor ordered. 

Anguilla, Cap Juluca
An easy seven-mile water transfer from the busier island of St. Martin, Anguilla‘s craggy outcrops of limestone bedrock add interest to the island’s miles of perfect beaches and our transition to our next resort, Belmond Cap Juluca.

It’s a different world. Nestled into the tropical greenery on the shores of Maunday Bay, Cap Juluca is on turquoise waters that are crystal clear. Waves lap against powdery white sands. Along the beach, generous low-rise suites with Moroccan-style architecture, offer the peace and privacy we’ve been promised. We’re interrupted only by the gentle breezes of the easterlies and the cooing of the turtle doves. 

There are joyful experiences a plenty here in Anguilla for those who are ready to leave their little piece of private beach heaven. Some saddle up for an early morning adventure on horseback. For others, it’s a lazy on-property bike ride at lunchtime to Cap Shak to grab a cold beer and a ‘barefoot on the beach tuna poke bowl’ from the retro food truck. 

There’s also a chance to cast a net into the sea like a real Anguillan in the company of Shawn. Guests can also head out on a reef snorkelling adventure with Elvis from watersports. But for me, after a sun-kissed afternoon basking on the beach, I’m off for a twilight massage at the Arawak Spa. 

Whether to opt for a starlight dinner for two, served on the beach, Chef Cesar’s Peruvian journey at Uchu, or taking a table waterside looking across the bay, becomes our most difficult decision. Ultimately, classic cocktails at CIPS and dinner at Pimms was the right choice.  

Slowly, night falls and the stars come out. A twinkling mega yacht floats in to the bay for its gentle overnight mooring. Then, when it’s time for dessert, a celebratory fireworks display lights up the sky 

Life is good. 


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