Springing to life…

With a focus on western-inspired cuisine particularly focusing on regional spring water, Spring Feast Restaurant in Chaohu is as unique as its location.

Food and culinary encounters and cultural experiences that dialogue with the natural environment of hills and water come together in as nature meets culture. The building designed by Germany’s Ippolito Fleitz Group has been crafted to look like it is a natural continuation of the landscape into the interior. It’s cavernous niches with generous windows are reminiscent of the inside of a mountain and the source of the hot and cold spring water. 

The entrance is on the upper level. Mirroring the historical record, two paths lead down from here to converge. The direct path takes the diners down a wide staircase while the gallery leads past a lounge that offers a magnificent view over the landscape. 

The road less travelled leads diners down a wide staircase along a passage past a lounge where there’s a magnificent view (as shown on our cover). Those who only have time for a brief sojourn can grab a coffee at the bar—prepared with skill by a small red robot.   


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