Be bold, brave and beautiful

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  • Post published:October 19, 2021
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By Edilka Anderson Feeling ready for something different now that fall and winter’s cooler weather is upon us? Can’t say as I blame you. If you’ve got the inclination and energy, heading back inside doesn’t have to be same old same old, especially if you’re…

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Accessible features

Comfort, convenience, and value By Mark Eglington New legislation combined with Canada’s rapidly aging population has developers, manufacturers, and homeowners alike creating products and applications for accessible homes.  Ask any real-estate agent and they tell you that the housing market is booming, in-part because multi-gen…

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Grand spaces and simple places

By Edilka Anderson Now that the better weather is here and there’s sunshine to add joy to our daily lives, let’s consider some safe and clever ways to expand our living spaces.

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