Home, “smart” home
Lac St-Joseph, Сanada - August 18, 2015: Luxurious lakefront property located in Lac St-Joseph, a rich suburb of Quebec City on a sunny day of summer.

Home, “smart” home

Time to upgrade your home or cottage’s IQ?

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Through the looking glass

Bigger, thinner and brighter By Marc Saltzman For self-professed geeks such as yours truly, the annual Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is simply nerdvana. We’re talking nearly three million square feet of showroom floor space—the equivalent of about 55 football fields—all devoted to upcoming gadgets…

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Kid Tech Translates to Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing—time for the great outdoors at the cottage, or “glamping,” and adventure-filled road trips with friends and family. But just because you’re spending more time with Mother Nature doesn’t mean your high-tech companions have to be left on the shelf. There is a number of ways you and the kids can have fun on the go this summer.

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The Future is Nigh

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) —the 52nd anniversary of the annual convention, in fact—has rocked Las Vegas once again. This year, roughly 180,000 attendees come just to get their hands on tomorrow’s tech today.

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Snagged a new smartphone?

Download these 12 "Must-Have' Apps Whether you’re hoping for a new smartphone or tablet over the holidays or you’ve already unwrapped one (lucky you), you’ll probably start playing with your new device by testing out its camera, tapping through a few games and logging into…

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