All I need for Christmas…

By Edilka Anderson

Once upon a time the boundaries between work and home were fairly clear, even for those who worked long hours.

Then, along came 2020 when virtually overnight, the pandemic forced many of our work and home lives together under one roof. The divide between living and working spaces narrowed – family rooms became zoom conference centres and interview rooms – the kitchen table morphed into a laptop station with cellphones and empty coffee cups replacing placemats.

No doubt about it, life has changed for all of us over the past year with a lot more time at home than we’re used to. Yet, despite the obvious challenges, we’ve realized what matters and had time to reflect on the things that we truly value. 

We’ve also come to understand what we need to enjoy our spaces more, (hence the renovations and decorating going on in almost every neighbourhood). Undeniably it’s been a time to reflect on our health and wellness habits and how our spaces and lifestyles can better contribute to our wellness objectives.


Connecting with family and friends has taken on new meaning in 2020. Some of us have been separated from those we love. Others have spent more time together than ever. Special pods or bubbles have come together in a variety of ways. Technology has played a bigger role than ever and making “home, sweet home” that much more cozy and comfortable has risen to the top of the priority list.  

During this holiday season without travel plans, elaborate parties and gifting, we’ll likely feel more like giving to those less fortunate. And, we’ll find ourselves looking for special, more practical gifts and entertaining items that the whole bubble can enjoy. 

For those nearest and dearest, we’ll choose pieces of art, an accent chair or a new bedroom lamp, things that are useful and long lasting. Dad might like a painter to help out with finishing touches on the dining room or a snazzy bar cart. Would mum like a velvet pouf or a fabulous new piece of art. And, how about a gift certificate for a design consultation your stylish older brother. This year it’s all about sprucing up your space, sharing quality time, and the comfort of home those you about most.

After all, your home is where the heart is, especially this year.


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