Baby its cold outside…

By Edilka Anderson

Much has been said about Canadian winter weather and the love-hate relationship some of us have with the freezing temperatures. One thing’s for certain however, the cold weather gives us the ultimate opportunity to create a cozy environment at home where we can seek refuge from the ice and snow.

In our post-holiday decorating, we have the chance to transition the mood to warm, calming, and inviting colours and textures. Whether it’s a single room we change to a brighter, more open space, or the whole house that we choose to make more inviting, there’s lots of simple things we can do to make our homes both more comfortable and appealing for our ourselves and our families.

Looks like you’re still not heading back to the office. Working from home is the new normal, so why not re-imagine your work space? And, while you’re at it, add some new wallpaper and organize the kids’ play area with brightly coloured storage baskets and some great new pictures. Create a comfy corner where you can read a book and watch the snowflakes fall. Choose soft cashmere throws to cuddle up with after the kids go to bed. Use plants, flowers and other greenery to bring the outdoors inside. Fresh flowers always lift our moods. A spa/wellness theme for a master bedroom/bathroom combo that focuses a healthy beginning and end to each day can work wonders for boosting your motivation and energy at this time of year.

Not surprisingly, after a year of change, colour experts report that we’re all looking for stability and calm. Palettes with names like October Mist, Everlasting Sage, Hints of Violet and Quiet Moments seem to appeal more than ever. Why am I not surprised!

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