Be bold, brave and beautiful

By Edilka Anderson

Feeling ready for something different now that fall and winter’s cooler weather is upon us? Can’t say as I blame you. If you’ve got the inclination and energy, heading back inside doesn’t have to be same old same old, especially if you’re willing to be brave and take a few risks. Stop worrying about passing trends and the mood of the moment and create a “bold and beautiful” look and feel that’s all your own; a look that reflects your personality, your aspirations and even your take on life. Consider thinking less about what others will say about your space and mindfully plan your layouts, colours and accessories with everything that works for you.

Your bold and beautiful fresh start can be as simple as working with different materials and patterns. Finding exciting new accessories that will add a pop of colour while letting your existing pieces remain quietly neutral can also be fun. Why not start with just a single room or a favourite space where you love to be? Be brave and plan it out yourself. Or, pull it all together by asking a designer to help you capture your personality and creative vibe. You’re in charge… let your imagination run wild.

Be bold and start using statement pieces, new colours and interesting textures to express yourself. Balance your curiosity with taste. Invite interesting collections into areas that were previously lacking imagination. And, look for show stoppers along the way.

Show some pizzaz by picking a unique countertop stone for your kitchen island. It looks amazing and stands out all on its own. Use a stronger colour on your walls or in hallways as an easy and economical way to make a statement. Selecting a large, colourful piece of art or sculpture that’s a true reminder of your personal brand—something that’s a conversation piece or brings back fond memories for you. Think of adding some dramatic lighting or more elegant touches in certain places to take advantage of high ceilings, large windows, crown mouldings or interesting staircases. Expect the unexpected on your journey as you learn about your inner style diva. And, above all, have fun as you hunt for just the right pieces that’ll make you happy when you see them in your home.  You are bold. You are brave. You are beautiful.


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