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It used to be that when designing a bathroom, you had very limited options. A toilet was a standard item that may have a few colour options, but it was never thought of as an element of style. While bathroom vanities were an opportunity to show a little personality and were customizable to a point, they were mainly solid wooden blocks with drawers and countertops.

Today, however, the options at ROBINSON are only limited by your imagination. The finishes and styles for bathroom fixtures and vanities are nearly endless, with an emphasis on functionality, durability and minimalistic style. In particular, the wall-hung fixture trend is making its mark on bathroom design, with popularity in both North America and Europe. This means that the fixture is attached directly to the wall instead of standing on the floor, clearing space underneath. If you want to achieve a clean look that adds space to your bathroom, wall-hung fixtures might be for you.


ME By Starck Wall Mounted Toilet — Duravit

One way to create a more open and spacious-looking bathroom is with the use of a wall-hung toilet. With its water tank sitting inside the wall, a wall-hung toilet is more compact and sleeker. The Duravit ME by Starck is a perfect example of a wall-hung toilet with a simple, compact design. It also frees up floor space, for a more spacious feeling to the bathroom.

L-Cube — Duravit

With wall-mounted bathroom vanities, you’ll have no wasted space. The L-Cube series from Duravit has numerous style and size options, so you’ll have just the right amount of storage you need in the bathroom. 

Aside from the physical space benefits, the tight, compact design of wall-hung toilets and vanities has an aesthetically pleasing simplicity to it, turning your bathroom plumbing into an eye-catching feature.  The geometry of the sleek, rectangular furniture fronts remain uninterrupted by hardware, showcasing the most modern design. This gives the sensation of spaciousness, especially in a smaller bathroom where space is at a premium.

As an added bonus for wall-mounted vanities, you can also stand closer to the mirror to apply makeup or shave, since your feet can go right under the unit.

Jute Wall-Hung Bathroom Vanity Cabinet – Kohler


Nobody likes cleaning behind a toilet. Fewer corners, nooks and crannies means less time spent cleaning. Simply wipe down the surfaces, and you’re done. Sweeping and mopping is no longer a chore either, especially in smaller bathrooms with tight corners. You’ll have access to the entire floor space with a wall-hung fixture.

Veil Dual-Flush Wall-Hung Toilet – Kohler

These options are just a few of the styles and configurations available that can match your vision for your bathroom. It’s plain to see, though — wall-hung fixtures and vanities create a practical solution to the issue of space in the bathroom. Not to mention, they allow you to show off more of your flooring, and can be attached to the wall at different heights. It’s all about creating a space you love to live in, even in the bathroom.

ROBINSON is the ultimate shopping destination for quality fixtures for your bathroom. Visit your local showroom for the opportunity to browse the wall-hung fixture trend for your next bathroom project, as well as fixtures for the rest of your lighting and plumbing needs. You can also shop from the comfort and convenience of your home, with curated collections made for mixing and matching. ROBINSON offers FREE standard ground shipping on most orders or the option to pick up at your local showroom.

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