Getting Ready For The Holidays

By Mandy Allen

Tis the season to spend time together at home so why not go the extra mile with your preparations. Start early. Experts suggest that people who put up holiday decorations early are happier overall. Elevate your holiday decorations with precious finds from nature’s wilderness. Choose a palette that is pale and interesting, and set the scene for cozy daytime or evening gatherings.

The holiday season remains a time-honoured celebration that focuses on family and friends, hearth and home. This year, put an original hand-spun twist on your special occasion decorations by stepping out of your front door to forage. After all, using what comes from nature is much more eco-friendly than all the plastic decor.

Sometimes less is more so try to avoid the cluttered look with too many clashing colours and textures. Craft your bounty into fragrant wreaths, pretty posies and conversation-starting artworks. Redefine the notion of extravagant holiday bling with dustings of metallic sparkle shine, and focus your styling efforts on creating a serenity-inspired sanctuary with cashmere throws, lightly scented candles and organic textures—all connected through a desaturated palette that is as inviting as it is relaxing.

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