Luxe fridge clean-out tips

By Mark Eglington

As a man who likes to spend time in the kitchen, minimizing the chore factor and maximizing the results is what’s on my mind when it comes to keeping my top-of-the-line refrigerator spic and span.

TIP 1: Throw out leftovers as you go. While last night’s dinner or take-out is generally safe for a couple of days, it’s easier than you think to forget to take it for lunch the next day. Somehow, leftovers seem to always make their way to the back of the fridge—out of sight and out of mind. I’ll bet you can find something that’s past its due date to toss right now.

TIP 2: Line things up & store condiments together. Take neatness up a notch by facing items forward and adjust- ing bottles, containers and yogurts etc. in soldier-like rows. Helter-skelter makes things look messy and harder to find, which means the fridge door stays open longer. Hunt for half-full jars and bottles of pickles, jams, mayo or mustard and ask yourself if they’re worth keeping. (What about that tartar sauce you haven’t used in month?) Grouping condiments together is more efficient.

TIP 3: Rearrange produce in drawers. Instead of having cucumbers, carrots and bags of herbs stacked one on top of each other, file things vertically. This will help you to see your inventory at a glance and remind you to use it up in time.

TIP 4: Move things back into their proper zone and make sure you’re using features like Liebherr’s BioFresh, HydroSafe or DrySafe compartments. Using these specific drawers maximizes the lifespan of food.

TIP 5: Inside and out. Always wipe spills away as soon as you discover them and regularly wipe down the inside and outside of your fridge. Don’t forget the handles! And, regularly wipe down the shelves and drawers to freshen up the interior of your fridge. Make your own natural cleaner in a spray bottle with one-part water, two-parts vinegar and a dash of lavender or lemon. Use a micro fibre or cotton cloth with stainless steel cleaner.

TIP 6: Spring clean your fridge as often as you feel necessary by taking out the drawers and shelves, washing them in warm soapy water and rinsing and drying them with a lint free towel. An open box of bi-carb soda in your fridge can help keep smells at bay. It can also double as cleaning agent.

TIP 8: Eucalyptus oil is good for removing sticky spots from old spills or adhesive glue residue from energy labels and transportation tape. Never use a scourer.

For over 15 years, Mark Eglington has been passionate about European-manufactured best-in-class appliances. By day, he is the President of Canadian-owned Euro-Line Appliances; by night he can be found perfecting his cooking skills.

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