Maison Moxie

By Edilka Anderson

No doubt about it, same old, same old, isn’t going to get us where we need to go. It’s time to stir things up and bring back the moxie! Think re-organize, re-purpose and re-define as you explore ways to reboot your joie de vivre, make positive changes and bring back the energy in yourself and your home. Here are a few tips on how to utilize your physical space and move forward, first-class style.

Simply practical: Comfort, functionality and down time have never been more necessary as we live and work in the same space. But, easy does it. Don’t overload yourself or increase your stress by taking on too much all at once. Sometimes all that’s needed is a clean up, a bit of a face-lift and some cosmetic upgrades.

Reduce doom and gloom: Let go of last year and focus on ways to be positive for this year. Say good-bye to the invasive stream of bad news 24/7 and try to make your home a safe sanctuary where healthy conversations and new memories reside.

Joyful noise: Fill your home with joyful sounds and music that soothes your soul or boosts your “fun factor”… depending on your mood and time of day, of course.

Find your happy space: Try to make a place that’s your own. Perhaps it can be just a welcoming corner that’s part of a bigger space. Choose colours that uplift, objects you admire and tasteful furnishings that make the time that you have to spend there fruitful and rebalancing.

Dream small: Big plans tend to overwhelm, are often hard to launch and even more difficult to finish. Go for quality, not quantity. Jump-start for better short-term wins with a divide and conquer approach. Break things down into small steps. It’ll make you feel good when you can check off some to-do list boxes in short order. In your home, tackle one area at a time to minimize upheaval to you and your family.

Think calm: At times like these, our homes should be our safe, welcoming sanctuaries that boost our well-being and nurture our physical and mental health. Setting priorities and breezing through the easy things first is wise project management.

Don’t go it alone: Perhaps a home organizer or an interior designer could guide you. Is there a friend or family member with good taste who can provide support? Use technology to connect with experts and suppliers who can make your journey easier.

Make a statement: After de-cluttering, cleaning, and organizing, it’s time to look beyond the physical things and personalize areas to reflect your energy, and creativity. Design spaces that can transport you back to places you love and feel connected to your homeland, dream vacations, family etc. 

You are your own best ally, champion and guardian in these uncharted times. And your home should be your best friend and a reflection of all that you are and want to be. So, put on your dancing shoes, turn up the music and get started. After all, if your home can help you get back your moxie, there’s no telling what the rest of the year might bring.

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