Matte Black: Bold, chic and versatile


Looking for something unique, and more distinctive than standard chrome finishes, for your home’s plumbing and lighting fixtures?

Why not consider a fashionable matte black finish to add punctuation to nearly every design style, without seeming out of place? It’s bold, chic, versatile! With increasing demand from designers and consumers alike, matte black is now readily available across most leading plumbing and lighting brands.

Black gives you both edgy modern hardware vibe when it comes to a chic town house or condo, or creates a more subtle, sophisticated mood in a more traditional home space.

AIM Ceiling Light – Flos

Whether you are looking to complete your kitchen, dining room, office or studio, this dramatic ceiling light makes a beautiful statement piece for any room in your house. Created by the Bouroullec brothers, AIM takes functional design and strips it back to its most basic, with striking appeal. Whether you want one, two, three or more fixture heads, the cabling can be adjusted to allow for light to be distributed in whichever direction you choose.

If you’re a big fan of light, bright and airy spaces, matte black provides the perfect eye-catching contrast.

Sotria Faucet – Brizo

This Sotria Faucet comes from a collection that was inspired by the streamlined architecture of airplanes. Geometric in shape, it makes a bold, yet stylish statement when paired with a minimalist wood vanity.

Black fixtures are versatile and can match any room design, you don’t have to commit to just one finish in each room or through the whole house. This trend is made for mixing and matching with other finishes in fixtures and accessories.

Diamond SILGRANIT Sink – Blanco

You don’t need to sacrifice artistic design for functionality. The Blanco Diamond SILGRANIT Sink, proudly made in Canada, features high-quality granite composite, that’s heat, scratch and stain resistant. The surface is also non-porous to protect against bacteria. The double bowl configuration allows for more efficient multi-tasking in busy kitchens. It’s also easy to clean.

You can pair a black sink with a mix of fixtures; including stainless steel, gold and even matte black. For a timeless look, you can and should mix and match warm fixtures, including matte black, brushed golds and copper, with more traditional, cooler metals such as stainless steel and chrome. A masterful mix of finishes throughout is what creates a layered final product.

Byron LED Wall Sconce – Kuzco

Matte black finishes aren’t just for the inside of your home, but they can also be incorporated on the outside of your home too. The ultra modern Byron Outdoor LED Wall Sconce by Kuzco Lighting has an intriguing shape that brings a sense of style to any outdoor setting. It has a round metal frame with a frosted acrylic diffuser that houses an integrated LED light source that distributes downlight to surrounding spaces and enhances the detail of its’ horizontal ribbed texture.

Learn more about lighting and plumbing fixtures for your home by visiting our ROBINSON showroom experts who can help you incorporate black finishes into your home. Or shop online at



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