Never underestimate the power of staging

By Edilka Anderson

It’s obvious that 2020 has brought about a great deal of change and, as the year draws to a close, many of us have been re-evaluating our futures and thinking about just where we want to live, raise our families or possibly retire. Thankfully, the real estate market has stayed surprisingly hot and competitive, so if you’re thinking of relocating, moving up or even downsizing, this might just be the time.

There are plenty of tips and articles written with wise advice to help you get your home in the best possible shape to command the highest possible selling price. Realtors will have you tidying up, fixing, painting and cleaning because first impressions count—it takes but nine seconds for a prospective buyer to connect positively, or negatively, with a property.

As most experts suggest, in planning to put your house, condo or cottage on the market, a key activity that shouldn’t be overlooked is the hiring of a ‘home stager’. A marketing tool that is known for its positive return on investment, professional staging is so much more than just preparing a house for sale. A staging consultant or home stager, has the ability to help a seller build an emotional connection. It’s all about “showcasing the house” to create a mood that suggests a bigger, brighter, friendlier and more comfortable place to live for the buyer. With a stager’s help you can sell a vision and a dream that proposes a happy new life in a move-in ready home.

Skilled stagers worry about curb appeal and bring the items needed to create a cohesive, pleasurable look that will connect and impact a purchaser walking through the property. For a young family just starting out or a mature couple that’s looking for a comfy place to retire, staging can present an inspiring, clutter-free, neutral canvas that a buyer can project himself or herself into.

Expect interesting furniture vignettes that encourage a comfortable, easy flow and purpose for each room. They’ll likely suggest generous use of neutral colours and advocate for simple lines and extra lighting, mirrors and plants. Soft fabrics and tasteful, uncluttered use of accessories, pillows, area rugs and carpets will be top of mind to give each room soul. Gardens and patio areas often benefit from staging too. Bringing the outdoors in and giving bathrooms and kitchens an airy, open look that builds spaciousness is also the name of the game.

Simply put, having your home professionally staged translates into the property having greater all-round appeal. You’ll see a higher number of potential buyers interested which, in turn, leads to less time your property is on the market. And, when we look at the bottom line, experience tells us that a home that’s fashionably staged usually commands a higher sell- ing price. After all, home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

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