The ‘Wow’ Factor

By Edilka Anderson

Ever been “tickled pink” by an eclectic or unique piece you happened upon at specialty store, antique market or auction?

Be it by serendipity or after a lengthy search, finding a special piece that reflects your authentic self is truly satisfying. It might be incredibly beautiful, one of a kind or a conversation starter that will have your visitors entertained. The ‘Wow’ factor doesn’t have to be an electric or dramatic find. It all comes down to the connection and the way the piece makes you feel.

Your personal style statement might be a piece of memorabilia, specialty art or a style of furniture that you discover, but, for me, one of life’s little pleasures is the thrill of the hunt. I call it the Shopping Angels.

Bringing home something a little wild to shake things up, and your ‘find” story adds conversation and spirit to an ordinary day. 

Your new prized possession might be reminiscent of a cherished holiday or a personal passion. Or perhaps it’s something you have been searching for years and were just waiting to find that perfect piece to complete your look.

Think of the fun you’ll have as friends take notice and you regale them with your tale of discovery over a glass of wine. If you’re lucky, perhaps future offspring will keep the piece and tell your story for years to come. Adding these pieces in to your space will not only add character, but it will reflect your personal style.


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