Favourite Things

Bohemian vibe
Lounge on colourful striped beach beds that are a throw back to  the ‘70s.


100 colours
A ​28 km path of masking tape creates an immersive exhibit  by Tokyo-based French architect and artist Emmanuelle Moureaux.


Villa La Vigie
Karl Lagerfeld’s summer home for ten years—considered one of the most
prestigious villa’s on the French Riviera. 


Balancing act
In a variety of fantastic finishes, the Frank nightstand is a surreal creation no matter the size, configuration or chroma. 


An artful minaudiére
Shaped to depict a true English bulldog, Judith Lieber’s Winston crystal clutch bag is simply brill.


Sensuous drama
Flora inspired details adorn this seductive piece. A delicate branch-like base, stunning bronze, crystal jewelled bolsters, and sumptuous soft tufting make it utterly desirable by all accounts.


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Reality pushes imagination

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Liquid Assets Gets Fresh

Easy access Functionality and aesthetics in an open space. A glass wall separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.  cavalleri.com 5 Ways to get the look 1) Open up drapes and windows to let nature in. 2)

Liquid Assets Gets Fresh

Functional and flexible Custom-design is taken to a new level with new technology and production flexibility that can meet any space and style. cavalleri.com 5 Ways to get the look 1) Open up drapes and windows to let nature in.

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Dining out

Carlino Restaurant With deep roots in both the Friuli region of Northern Italy and British Columbia, Carlino at the Shangri-La Vancouver is named after the grandfather of the owner. Led by award-winning Chef Mark Perrier, the eateries menu honours the