Our Favourite Designs This Season

Migration reimagined

Designer Ruchi Joshi’s BiForm is a portable, low-impact and flexible shelter.

Unmistakably X Big

A fully upholstered retro lounge chair with warm and enveloping lines to fit a contemporary context.

Mr. Doodle

Meet Mr Doodle, Sam Cox. The 25-year-old artist doodles on everything and describes his practice as “OCD—Obsessive Compulsive Drawing.”

A twist on pleats

The Pleco pleated bag was born from a small textile company in Fukui prefecture in the countryside of Japan, where the eco-friendly textile industry is thriving.

Best beach party of Paris

For its luminously coloured spring–summer ready-to-wear show,
Chanel transformed the Grand Palais into a beach complete with sand, sea and azure sky.

Starry Night

Architect Ivana Jelic and creative engineer, Pavle Petrovic brought the expressionism of Van Gogh to the 53-day Amsterdam Light Festival.

Chabi chic

The Amélie Niagara blue lacquered dressing table epitomizes glamour, extravagance and hidden beauty.

Know when to fold it

Space saving, elegant and trendy, this wall-folding table becomes a picture frame when it’s not set for dinner.

Ode to Portobello market

Designed to echo the contagious atmosphere of Kensington and Chelsea, this cabinet is finished in a colourful lacquered high gloss.

Ariel lives

Beyond cartoons… Finnish designer Jirka Väätäinen imagines Disney’s greatest female characters in real life.

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A sense of place and space

On the sparkling waters of a limestone peninsula on the coast of Phuket’s Phang Nga Bay, a few restful days at COMO Point Yamu give us a chance to experience the lesser-known side of the island.

Where the trade winds blow

To imply a siren as beautiful as Kapalua’s Plantation Course needed a facelift after 28 years might seem premature, until you consider the high standards required for perfection.

Beyond enchanting

As the sun goes down and daylight begins to fade, the melodious call to evening prayers echoes across the valley.

Bella Cucina Goes elegant

5 Tips to get the Look 1) Turn to timeless classics for inspiration. 2) Accessorize strategically.3) Less is more. Stay simple.4) Try new things to combat monotany.5) Don’t overcrowd your space. Just beet itThis refreshing fruit and veg maté is

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