Summer splurge

By Sebastien Centner
@sebcentner @eatertainment

After what feels like an eternity, made worse by our lockdowns and stay-at-home orders the past months, the cold weather finally looks to be making way for better days (in more ways than one) and what better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with outdoor grilling?

Anyone who knows me knows there is nowhere I am more at-home than in front of a grill, and if you ask Sheila, she would say it suits me better than a kitchen. I love being at the grill, beer in hand, cooking up a storm while enjoying the company of friends and family, something I am eager to get back to!

While my suggestions in this issue of HF may lean toward the carnivores in the crowd, grilling can span quite a variety of items! Some of my other favourites to grill are sides of salmon on cedar boards or portobello mushrooms topped with feta cheese!

Flavoured Beer
To me there is nothing quite as Canadian as a backyard BBQ except maybe beer… get creative with a local fruit-infused beer, or simply add a splash of pink grapefruit juice to your favourite ale for a refreshing twist!

Basted Wings
Wings, wings, wings. Although they may seem like an item you usually order-in, bbq sauce brushed chicken wings are the perfect way to start the evening, and go great with beer! Try mixing a splash of dark stout and bourbon into your bbq sauce!

The Rib Steak
One of my absolute favourite cuts of meat is the Rib Steak, also known as the Côte-De-Boeuf, which my father used to grill over charcoal. The advantage of any bone-in cut is the extra flavour the meat gets.

DIY Ice Cream Cones
A few pints of ice cream on ice, some sprinkles and you’re all set to bring back the nostalgia of the classic ice cream cone as a simple and colourful dessert option for your outdoor entertaining.

Food styling by @eatertainment –

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