3-D Beauty Mask & Vitamin C Benefits

3D beauty 

Now even the beauty industry is going hi-tech, using a phone’s 3D cameras to capture facial images and analyze skin types to prescribe more personalized treatments.

Set to launch later this year, Neutrogena’s MaskiD uses a 360-degree tool to measure every part of the user’s face in order to assess their skin and produce an accurate micro 3D-printed treatment. Masks will carry ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, feverfew, niacinamide and N-acetyl glucosamine. The beauty of it all: Users can employ separate ingredients for each of their six facial zones—forehead, chin, eyes, cheeks, nose and nasolabial folds. We’re predicting robot foot massages won’t be far behind.

Vitamin C

Touted for their ability to boost collagen production, and thus reduce wrinkles and fine lines, vitamin C serums have taken over the beauty-store shelves en mass. But are they born of clever marketing under the guise of science, as some beauty experts suggest? And might they have the potential to cause irritation, inflammation or acne, given that vitamin C acts as a pro-oxidant when it comes in contact with three of the most common ingredients in cosmetics: EDTA (a preservative), copper (popular as an anti-ager) and phosphates (they’re everywhere!). A word to the wise: Seek advice from your dermatologist.

Vapes with a wellness spin

No longer the purvey of the addict, vaping has opened the door for vitamin e-cigs that mist vitamin B12 or other vitamin concoctions, rather than nicotine. VitaStik, an aromatherapy stick with vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, C, D and E and coenzyme Q10, was an early “healthy” option in what has turned out to be a growing market. One of the latest, Breathe, now promises better vitamin B12 absorption with a citrus “e-juice” mist of vegetable glycerine and deionized water. Smoke and mirrors? Only your dispensary knows for sure. 

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