Beer, bath and Belgian culture

It was once reported that there was a café (serving beer), for every five houses in this country so it’s no surprise that we’re able to find an ultra-cool beer-themed spa in the heart of downtown Brussels.

Situated on Rue de L’ecuyer, close to the world famous Grote Markt, Bath & Barley—the Belgium beer spa, has made its home in a renovated, centuries old building. Here grand vaults are cleverly restored as private spa bathing rooms where patrons immerse themselves in all that’s truly wonderful and good about beer. 

To beer or not to beer is no longer a question, as soakers sink into oak barrel style tubs heated to 39 degrees celsius with their choice of a soothing blend of hops and herbs. The hops, harvested by a local farmer are said to contain the most powerful of antioxidants—Xantholhumol with the added benefits of yeast’s bioactive skin nourishing properties. For additional body bliss, a large spa sauna called the Monk is kept at 70O C with cool down cold water in a barrel at the ready. 

Après soak, lounge with your bath-mate on a couch or straw bed covered by a linen sheet. Rest up during a warm and comfortable continuation of the experience that’ll give you the special opportunity to taste new beers, delicious bites and try an optional flight for two of local beers, the likes of which have helped to make the city a UNESCO cultural site.

P.S. Be prepared to head home smelling like beer…the Beer & Barley spa team suggests waiting for a period of four hours after treatment to shower off.

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Consumption of Estaminet, the house beer, is included in your spa visit. For a little extra, guests can experience the true breadth and width of Belgium beer with one of seven curated beer flights. Our favourite:  All the ladies—a collection of amazing beers by noteworthy women.

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