Autumn al fresco

By Sebastien Centner @sebcentner

Fall is a transitional time when our sons go back to school and our entertaining returns indoors. Sheila and I did, however, enjoy hosting one final garden party in September just before the anticipated temperature drop. Our gemstone-hued theme of emerald green, ruby red and array of purples was a colourful way to say goodbye to the greens of summer and hello to holiday entertaining that’s just around the corner. I picked a plaid table runner as the base and selected the menu to complement the décor. Our first course featured a lavender-tone purple yam and cauliflower soup, followed by a colourful vegetable salad of roasted beets and squash, which paired well with the slightly bitter kale and rainbow chard. Beef tenderloin accompanied by French green beans and sautéed mushrooms is a classic dish, and by serving it family style we avoided extra time plating in the kitchen. If you would really like to impress, try creating personalized candles for your guests! It’s easier than you think.

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