Grandmother knows best

Serving modern French food without culinary pretense, Chef-Owner Julien Royer’s delicate dishes are prepared with an honest touch that is simple yet refined. Located in the National Gallery Singapore, Odette is Royer’s first restaurant. It’s named in tribute to his grandmother, who taught him to believe in the purity of ingredients and the pleasures of enjoying a meal that is thoughtfully served. Lauded by critics and guests alike, Odette was awarded two of its three Michelin stars shortly after opening and topped Asia’s best restaurant lists for 2019.

Beyond the food, Odette’s interior design and glass-enclosed kitchen intentionally mirror Royer’s cuisine: Artistic, natural, and communicating warmth and comfort. Most striking is the restaurant’s centrepiece—an installation above a quadruple banquette painstakingly hand-cut from oak, Polyfoam, brass and paper by Singaporean artist Dawn Ng.

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