Portofino: Bringing romance and happiness into your kitchen

The ultimate freestanding cooker with a charismatic style, this is a range for the entertainer, the professional chef, the family caterer and dinner party professional.

When Smeg’s design studio embarked on its newest venture – to create the world’s most energy-efficient large-format cooker, the creative team wanted its name to epitomized the charm and opulence of the charming village of Portofino.

It was fortuitous because Portofino also inspired the unique colours of the collection, taking their hues from the olive, orange, yellow and red of the buildings lining the shores of Portofino, joyously contrasting with the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Offering a robust yet refined clean-lined look and using high quality materials and innovative construction, Smeg’s pioneering 90cm model – complete with spacious 126 litre oven. Engineered to maximize energy efficiency, it achieved an A+ energy rating, the most energy efficient large cooker in available, anywhere.

The range is available in the versions with induction hob and gas hob offers maximum flexibility of use. The induction hob guarantees perfect cooking in a simple and safe way.  It houses five cooking zones, one of which has a MultiZone function which makes the cooking surface flexible and a gesture will be enough to connect two zones into a single larger one to use even the largest pots.

The gas hob is equipped with solid cast iron grids and six burners – one of which is ultra-fast – each with independent control to ensure maximum ease of use as well as professional results. The Dual Ultra-rapid burner, consisting of a double crown formed by the combination of an ultra-rapid burner and an auxiliary one, allows for a power of up to 4.2kW.

Below the top, there are two oven cavities that represent the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Equipped with different technologies, the two ovens are designed to satisfy even the most demanding palates without giving up elements with a distinctive aesthetic such as the sturdy and elegant knobs and handle. The 60 cm multifunction oven is equipped with 5 cooking levels, numerous accessories included and telescopic guides that facilitate extraction by keeping them in a horizontal position.

And after cooking? The Vapor Clean function facilitates cleaning through the use of the steam that is generated by inserting a small amount of water into the cavity. The adjacent oven, with static cooking and grill function, is ideal for more smart preparations.

In the stainless steel, white, black and anthracite colors, this range is a real piece of furniture that can be positioned slot-in between the furniture in a seamless solution with the hob, or free-standing.

Portofino by Smeg – the ultimate freestanding cooker with exquisite Italian good looks, that combines technology and style! Visit ela.ca for more information.

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