Tips for buying a new cooktop

… with safety, efficiency and clean energy in mind, induction cooktops are a good option.

Home chefs usually want the very best appliances to enhance their success in the kitchen, but the shopping process can be a tad challenging with all the different options. As well, terminology can vary, but in Canada, we tend to use the words stove and range interchangeably but refer to cooktops, warming drawers and grills separately.

To be clear, a cooktop is an appliance that is built into an island or countertop. It faces upwards and is can be powered by induction, electric burners or gas.  An oven or range, on the other hand, has a built in cooktop and an enclosed area where food can be baked, grilled, warmed up or defrosted. An oven can be installed either underneath a cooktop, next to it or as part of the cabinetry in a tower.

What is an induction cooktop?
Introduced to the market 15 years ago by AEG, one of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers, an induction cooktop uses electromagnetic energy to produce currents that can only react with metal. There are no open flames, however, a single burner can boil a litre of water in less than two minutes. Special pots and pans are recommended when using induction cooktops.  AEG induction cooktops are installed, flush to the countertop with attractive, smooth stainless steel edges around each side and corner.

The flat surface allows pots and pans to easily slide on and off the cooktop. AEG’s induction cooktop comes in three sizes: 24 inches, 30 inches, as well as, 36 inches. Each cooktop comes with DirekTouch™ controls for easy and precise use. This feature is unique to AEG and allows for single finger control of the temperature of each burner. Home cooks are also able to adjust the timer, to press the stop and go button or the very important, child safety lock feature.

AEG induction cooktops have 14 power levels including Power Boost, which allows all of the force to be moved to a single burner. Users can also use Power Boost to send power to two opposing burners.

Here’s how an induction cooktop works
To shine more light on induction cooktops and how they work, let’s look at the different types of cooktops on the market. The first AEG ovens and cooktops launched in the Canadian market and at the same time we were introduced to electric and gas cooktops.

AEG’s electric cooktop are made up of high-quality ceramic material. It can be installed within a space created by you or your kitchen designer in the countertop. AEG’s electric cooktop has a comparable look to the induction cooktop with flush sides and a tasteful stainless steel trim. Today’s modern cooktops are easy to clean, come equipped with unique DirekTouch™ slide design touch controls and have 15 power levels.

How electric cooktops work and the benefits of choosing an electric cooktop
The electric cooktop uses electric currents to warm up the coils underneath the ceramic top. Once the burners are adjusted to the desired temperature, electric currents heat up the coils, which then heat up the pot or frying pans. To adjust the temperature, a home chef can simply turn the dial to the right or left.

Simply put, electric cooktops are easy to install, easy to clean and are a practical and efficient for home chefs. Pair them with an AEG oven or an AEG steam oven in a space efficient appliance tower and you’ll be ready to prepare fabulous meals for your friends and family like never before.

The benefits of AEG’s Induction Cooktops
As mentioned earlier, AEG’s induction cooktops have smooth stainless steel trim. They come in different sizes but are all equipped with proprietary DirekTouch™ slide design touch controls and Power Boost capabilities. Specialty pots and pans that are made with magnetic stainless steel or cast iron are required for induction cooking because the induction cooktop uses electromagnetic energy to produce currents. These currents can only react with metal. From a safety perspective, there are no open flames, which is a feature that some families with young children prefer. From soups and stews to breakfast eggs, induction cooktops offer a clean, energy efficient way to cook.

Why choose induction?
Induction cooktops’ claim to fame is their efficiency and ease of use. A single induction burner can boil a liter of water in less than two minutes. They’re also the safest cooktop around children. Not only is the area around pots and pans cool to the touch, there is a safety mode where the control panel can be locked and none of the burners can be adjusted. Since water boils the fastest on an induction cooktop, it’s the best for melting chocolate, certainly an appealing feature when making a chocolate fondue, special icing or glazes.


Long-term reliability and warranties

Regardless of your cooktop choice, it’s important to consider durability, reliability and of course, all-inclusive, extended warranties offered by luxury appliance manufacturers. European made AEG appliances offer best in the industry warranties and tend to have the longest life. They are also designed with classic long-term design appeal so that your kitchen will not look dated.

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