A magical place…

Sitting on an enchanting piece of land nestled between the jungle and the Caribbean Sea, AZULIK integrates ancestral knowledge with ephemeral architecture. Founded by social entrepreneur “Roth,” it’s an Earth-respecting space for human vision, inclusivity and evolution…A city of arts that celebrates the unparalleled beauty of nature.

Handcrafted using indigenous materials with help from the local Mayan community, AZULIK is a sanctuary for reconnection built on elevated wooden paths that twist and turn to allow trees to grow freely.

Created by Eduardo Neira, an Argentinean artist and social entrepreneur who goes by the name of Roth, AZULIK is a holistic centre for meaningful tourism where the preservation of local culture, personal transformation and exploration of the impact of humans on the planet are encouraged. Roth’s promise to his guests: A transformative, personal experience in a magical environment.

AZULIK is a place to get lost and find yourself amidst interesting people, mesmerizing art and cutting-edge fashion. With 48 villas, unique spaces dedicated to spirituality and sustainability, a design lab and a transdisciplinary site for research and technological innovation, along with a state-of-the-art recording studio, AZULIK is Roth’s vision for a naturally focused, “avant-garde living complex.”

Throughout, guests are introduced to Mayan-Mexican names such as Kin Toh, Tseen Ja, Ik Raum and Sfer IK to enhance their cultural journey. The site is lit by candlelight, rather than electricity, to create both a romantic ambiance and to protect the four species of turtles that spawn on its beach from May to October. Once they are hatched, baby turtles are instinctively called to the sea, finding their way by the light of the moon and, true to mission, Roth and his team don’t want AZULIK’s footprint to interrupt this journey.

To reconnect with the body and spirit, time at The House of Ancestral Medicine is well advised. A holistic spa and beauty sanctuary with a Mayan apothecary, The House offers ancient Mayan healing integrated with non-invasive Western techniques. Specialists come from around the world to AZULIK to share their knowledge and perform daily rituals.

Visitors are encouraged to breathe through their past, let go of judgements and accept the future while the tribe takes care of their body and soul. It’s a space that helps reinterpret physical materiality using an alchemy of beauty that joins the wisdom of the natural properties of the local flora with the power of sacred stones.

To reach Tseen Ja, a spiritual dining place where guests sit at low tables to enjoy gastronomic creations inspired by a harmonious fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisine, one must cross a suspension bridge 60 metres high. There’s also an R&D kitchen for experimentation, and the chef and his team offer what they call “good mood food” and experiences that encourage diners to explore five senses in each dish.

One of a kind, AZULIK and its founder, Roth, provide a thought-provoking, potentially life-changing tourism experience that’s a reflection and constant dialogue on both the human essence and our impact on the planet.


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