Back and beyond

Remote rivers, 10,000 year old glaciers and ancient forests

Land and sea come together as exclusive groups of guests reconnect with nature and its bounty in three– four– or seven-day fly-in experiences at this unique family-owned-and-operated wilderness retreat in the heart of the Great Bear Rain Forest.

Far from the everyday, Nimmo Bay gives an exclusive group of explorers the finest Canada’s remote west coast has to offer, with walks among ancient giant cedars, fly-in excursions by helicopter to fish pristine rivers, and the chance to forage for sea kelp, dive for sea urchins or haul up fresh Dungeness crab. Accessible only by private air or sea, Nimmo is a jewel in the crown of western hospitality. A visit here is an adventure of a lifetime!


Into the woods we go

Fly in for three, four or seven night stays based on double occupancy. Enjoy gourmet meals, private cabins, a hot tub and floating sauna. Adventure gear will be provided.

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