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I’d forgotten how utterly divine it is to kick off my heels, let my hair down and spend all day in a white fluffy robe and slippers. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m back at Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton. It’s a mere 15 minutes from the Cobourg train station, if you’re like me, and want to travel by train. Best of all, the spa’s driver will pick you up in a stretch limo.

Aside from some resetting R&R and a few mind-chilling spa treatments, I’m here to learn more about the new cannabis-friendly wellness retreat that’s coming up in September (likely the first of many, I’m told by the enthusiastic concierge). I’m not a fan of cannabis, edible or otherwise, but with our modern lives becoming increasingly stressful, I know that many folks are looking for new ways to recharge.

What’s on offer is apparently a three-day, two-night, cannabis-friendly retreat that includes guided medications, mindful movement classes, eco-therapy and use of the spa’s CBD line of products, along with a cannabis-themed workshop.

Surrounded by nature, free from judgment and pampered to the hilt, it might be just what the doctor ordered!

Rose petal and honey body wrap

This treatment was developed onsite by the resort’s gardeners, and uses roses lovingly harvested from the site’s gardens and sweet honey from its own bees. After a comforting rose-tea foot soak, your therapist will massage you with a rose and honey mask. Your body is then wrapped in warm linens and you will receive an aromatic scalp massage. A warm shower and light massage complete this treatment.

CBD care

Try Ste. Anne’s new line of essential oils, organic balm and lotions, which now contain CBD derived from the hemp plant. The most popular product is the Rescue Muscle Salve with a beeswax base. It contains natural oils that may help to relieve muscle, nerve and joint discomfort.

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