Carved by Time and Nature

Greater Blue Mountain, Australia

Peace and quiet, one of the few luxuries that money can’t buy— or can it? Picture a 7,000-acre wildlife preserve with a “visited by few” world-class resort that’s a world-leading example of carbon neutral conservation and sustainable design, and a thought-provoking art exhibition in the woods.

To find it, look for Wolgan Valley between the Wollemi and Gardens of Stone National Parks in the World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains of Australia.

1832 Wolgan Gin

Crafted with native botanicals and pure local waters

Historically named after the early settler heritage of the valley, 1832 Wolgan is an artisan, locally distilled gin with a delicious, aromatic spirit that has a deep connection to the bushland wilderness. It was created in collaboration with the owner of Sydney’s leading gin bar, The Barber Shop, and a local distiller using a minimalistic process that’s in keeping the resort’s sustainable ethos.

Distilled with purified water from the pristine Carne Creek, which flows through the nature reserve, 1832 is infused with seven native botanicals to create a distinctive flavour profile with true provenance; hand-picked lemon-scented tea tree, coriander seed, finger lime, juniper berry, angelica root, orris root and liquorice root were blended to infuse. 1832 Wolgan Gin is exclusively available at the resort and The Barber Shop in Sydney. Both venues will be serving three bespoke cocktails: The One&Only, with St Germain Elderflower, yuzu and a French oak tincture, as well as two takes on the classics, the Valley Gin & Tonic and the Wolgan Martini.

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