Saying “I do”  at Tuscany’s Villa le Corti


In the Chianti Classico producing region between Florence and Siena, the Corsini family’s magnificent estate in the Tuscan countryside is steeped in romance and tradition. Here, the landscape of the Tuscan hills melds with a thousand-year history of one of the most important Italian families. 

The modern-day count, Duccio Corsini, and his family still live on the Villa le Corti estate which extends across 250 hectares of land—49 of which are vineyards planted with Sangiovese to produce the region’s world-famous Chianti Classico. An additional 73 hectares of olive trees produce Chianti Classico DOP extra virgin olive oil. In the past, the Corsini family left their mark in artistic heritage; today they are the patrons of the beauty and environmental well-being of the landscape. To protect their land, they’ve chosen to follow organic agricultural methods to produce the finest of wines and extra virgin olive oil. And, for a privileged few, they’ll play host to picture-perfect open-air weddings that are in a class of their own.  

The Principe Corsini Estate consists of a rectangular grand villa with a spacious inside courtyard and an arched loggia opening to ground floor salons. Surrounded by elegant geometric Italian gardens and centuries-old cypress trees, the estate›s unique appeal is its considerable ground floor and green space—both ideal for stunning alfresco events and ceremonies.

With a VIP guest list of several hundred from around the world, the finest of caterers and fabulous house wines from the Principe Corsini’s three levels underground wine cellar, the private fairytale wedding shown in our pictures was a once in a lifetime event to capture on film and remember.

During the year, it is possible to arrange guided visits of the 16th-century residence, the ancient wine cellar, the olive mill, and the orciaia where olive oil is stored. Visits conclude with a tasting of Principe Corsini products and an opportunity to purchase.

In the family’s historic kitchens, originally constructed in the early 17th century guests can also take cooking courses. Recipes used are from original local recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and ingredients picked from the villa’s garden.

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