Can These Dishwashers Save Your Marriage?

By Mark Eglington

When a report was released that claimed the burden of doing the dishes had an effect on health and longevity issues in relationships, reporters jumped on it. One Toronto newspaper asked “Could dishwashing be messing with your sex life?” while The New York Post chimed in with: “Wanna have more sex? Do the dishes.”

The report, published by the Council of Contemporary Families—a not-for-profit organization dedicated to studying family dynamics—had stated that women in heterosexual relationships considered sharing dishwashing duties to be the biggest source of relationship satisfaction, placing it above sharing responsibility for tasks such as shopping, laundry and general cleaning.

Love and dirty dishes

Women who frequently found themselves taking care of the dirty dishes on their own reported “more relationship discord, lower relationship satisfaction and less sexual satisfaction” than women who split the task with their partners.

So what if, by chance, our European friends have discovered a charmingly romantic way to relieve both parties of the dirty deed and graciously introduce them to a faster, cleaner and greener way to clean things up.

Gently does it

Enter the Gorenje SmartFlex dishwasher. Shortly after it was launched, Gorenje’s newest dishwasher was awarded a prestigious European consumer choice award and a gold national award from more than 700 innovations.

Consumers gave Gorenje the thumbs up for its dishwashers’ surprisingly spacious interiors and energy-saving features, meaning these machines use less water and electricity than some of their counterparts. They also commented on “romance in the making” speed-wash options: Quick, clean and done!

Yes, Gorenje has indeed turned the act of doing the dishes into child’s play and, dare we say, a “marriage saver.” And, with all that spare time on your hands, you might just be able to improve your sex life too, one load at a time!

For over 15 years, Mark Eglington has been passionate about European manufactured best-in-class appliances. By day he’s the President of Canadian owned Euro-Line Appliances, by night he can be found entertaining friends and perfecting his cooking skills.

Features of Gorenje’s SmartFlex dishwashers:

  • 15-min SpeedWash
  • Two adjustable baskets
  • AutoProgramme
  • Quiet operation
  • Total Aqua Stop
  • Optical light
  • Automatic door
  • 10 place settings
  • Very large tub
  • Low water use
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