Fabulous Fall feasts

Fondue is not just for après-ski! A cheese fondue is super easy to prepare and serves as the perfect late afternoon snack after a late autumn stroll or hike. By Sebastien Centner@sebcentner @eatertainment This fall marks (hopefully) the beginning of a path to normalcy as…

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HF Spa Diaries…

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  • Post published:October 5, 2021
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Running wild Now you can run for your life at a women’s only running and wellness retreat organized on some of the world’s best trail-running destinations. This year’s newest addition, the Vancouver Island Trail. British Columbia’s old-growth rainforests and Pacific Rim National Park have been…

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The best of the best

The best of the best

Born in Austria, the land of his beloved Mozart and Salzburger Nockerl, we dedicate this issue to our beloved Publisher Helmut Dostal.

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Viva la experiencia

Named for the river that flows into Lake Naheul Huapi, Patagonia’s 100 plus year-old Correntoso Lake and River Hotel, still has an adventurous young soul.

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Bonding with bovines

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  • Post published:March 31, 2021
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Embracing cows, or “koe knuffelen,” is a wholesome pastime that’s sprouted up in rural Holland over the past decade.

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