Go Modern with Your Kitchen this Spring

Terrific, extraordinary, well done…words we love to hear after the unveiling of a stunning new kitchen. Whether it’s our designer showing off his or her work or friends and family celebrating with us, “incredible”, “wonderful” and “wow” are the most wonderful words to hear.

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A View From the Top

Observing the sun-kissed, easy going couple Rob and Gina McClelland at their holiday home at Grotto Bay Estate in South Africa, you would be forgiven for thinking this couple leads a life of leisure.

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The Future is Nigh

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) —the 52nd anniversary of the annual convention, in fact—has rocked Las Vegas once again. This year, roughly 180,000 attendees come just to get their hands on tomorrow’s tech today.

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Acclaim of Thrones

It’s a refuge, a retreat, a rest stop. But the bathroom can be more than a multifunctional space—it can also be stunningly beautiful. Matching square, coloured ceramic tiles with fixtures in pink, avocado or harvest gold is fun and retro, but today we can do almost anything.

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